Why us

Innovative Ideas
and Solution

  • Top talented creative and strategy team in the industry with strong passion to bring “Innovative ideas”

  • Strong investment in training and developing Creative and Brand knowledge

Project Management
and Execution

  • More than 50 experienced project supervisors and over 1,000 long-term promoters nationwide

  • Concrete system & process to facilitate smooth effective operations

  • Independent QC team to improve project’s efficiency and effectiveness

Nationwide Network

  • Powerful and complete network system of execution offices to cover almost every corner in Vietnam.

  • Experiences from various industries, the teams are able to drive the client's businesses in the ever-changing market

Production Sourcing
and Logistics

  • In house production is help to control cost of production, quality and timing

  • Our own warehouses in more than 6 cities to handle different logistics ways to deliver the goods (POSM) to the retailers or destination.

Retail and Trade
Information Technology

  • A business intelligent tool that is use in Retail and Trade to provide "actionable information" in real time.

  • The Market Intelligence unit has developed a series of innovative technologies to help provide retail and trade information.


  • Strategic partner with most of global bank such as HSBC, Citibank fuels our company with sound financial resources.